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Titans on marathon 2019

Third marathon in Bratislava for [little] TITANS.

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Last year [2018], after finishing the Bratislava marathon, we at TITANS decided to put our kids [3+] 🙂 on the track next year.

And that’s exactly what we did on Saturday morning [06.04.2019].

Ten excited little TITANs were ready to run to the max for themselves and their parents. They participated in all categories in a great atmosphere of merciless running battles alongside Spievanka and Zahrajko 🙂 The kids’ performance was fantastic and worthy of a “heavy” medal.
We are very happy that we all met with our families in the fresh air.
Once again, we saw that tablets, mobiles, Playstation, Xbox and Game Boy are no match for sport, exercise, running and outdoor fun. #soitgoes

But let’s cut the grown-up stuff about the importance of exercise 😉 On Sunday, we – TITANs “SENIORS” – :)) competed in relay battles in carefully formed teams of four.
Everything went well, the weather was great, and we had a wonderful weekend with our families and friends, there was lots of laughter and fun – and a slightly higher pulse.

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