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Purchase of unused work capacities

Assigning your free work capacities to our projects

Purchase of free IT capacities

Do you have free work capacities and you cannot use them on any of your projects? We give you the opportunity to purchase your free IT capacities and to allocate them to projects in Slovakia or abroad for a specified period. After the expiry of the agreed period, the specialist is again available for your needs. In this way, your IT specialist will not generate unnecessary costs; on the contrary, he/she will make profit for you.

How to sell your free capacities:

  • You set the price for which you are willing to sell us free capacities of an IT specialist.
  • You set the time during which your IT specialist will be available to us.
  • You send us a CV of the IT specialist.

Subsequently, we will find a suitable project for your IT specialist.

Advantages of selling free IT capacities:

  • You do not pay IT specialists that you are unable to allocate.
  • You do not have to dismiss tried and tested IT specialists and then search for new IT specialists for new projects.
  • You improve the qualification of your IT specialists.