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TITANS Recruitment Consultant

Project is open
Project is open

Basic information


Internal ID 220929C
Project Title TITANS Recruitment Consultant
Average Rating 60 to 150 EUR/MD
1200 to 3000 € monthly
Location Bratislava / Off-site
Term 02.11.2022 - 02.11.2027
Project Start Day 2.11.2022 / by agreement, full-time, on-site / off-site
Project Duration 5 years to infinity 🙂

I am interested in the project

Project Description

How would YOU define a freelancer?

  • Maybe as a person who does not have a permanent job and works on a project basis.
  • It can also be a hipster who goes on a sabbatical to Andalusia after the end of the project.
  • Or a person with a family and a house under construction in Modra or Ordzovany.
  • He or she is the one who prefers variability to fixation in life.
  • Fans of new projects, people and tasks, who manage their own lives and finances.
  • Experts who offer their experience, skills and know-how for a pre-agreed fee.

TITANS revolve around these 👆🏻 people. We look for them like needles in a haystack and accompany their #freelance lives from start to finish.
Are you going to help us with that?
Become the next reinforcement of our team of Recruitment consultants and join the relationship-building and community of IT freelancers, aka TITANs.

Position description:

  • active search, addressing and communication with candidates for open IT projects;
  • conducting entrance telephone interviews in order to identify suitable applicants for the given position;
  • implementation of recruiting LinkedIn campaigns;
  • advertising and communication of open IT projects on social networks;
  • active communication with candidates in order to help a colleague - Account Manager to successfully allocate candidates to projects;
  • work with internal candidate database and TITANS systems;
  • continuous/regular updating of candidates in the internal database;
  • personnel consulting and coaching for IT freelancers;
  • cooperation in the creation of TITANS IT conferences ( CODECON , Pycon , ....) and participation in them, participation in the company's marketing activities;
  • working with online tools and social networks to build a personal recruitment brand;
  • participation in internal meetings.

Some of the benefits [and more are still being added]:

  • relaxed company environment and many inspiring colleagues;
  • space for self-realization and personal growth with the opportunity to gain experience in the IT sector;
  • massages;
  • flexible working hours;
  • magazine subscription - TouchIT, Nextech or Forbes;
  • tickets to the CINEMAX cinema network;
  • tickets for events in the TICKETPORTAL network;
  • e-vouchers for purchases in the ALZA network.

Project Requirements

  • experience with recruitment and selection of candidates (from an agency environment);
  • experience with IT recruiting (from an agency environment);
  • excellent communication skills, the ability to effectively communicate with candidates also in English ;
  • multitasking;
  • proactive approach;
  • professional appearance [online and in person];
  • flexibility and dynamism: our world is dynamic, things change quickly and we are looking for someone who can adapt quickly and react promptly;
  • strong organizational skills;
  • the ability to work independently in achieving individual and collective goals.
We are ready for you! Are you on us too?



If the project is open, click the button "I AM INTERESTED IN THE PROJECT" below or send your CV directly to our e-mail address titans@titans.sk.

Once we receive your CV, we will contact you by phone.


If you are not sure how to create a good resume and you are looking for a bit of inspiration, our article How to write a CV may help you. You will learn what an IT freelance CV should look like and what (not) to include.

You can also use an option to download our Slovak, English or German CV template below.

If you do not meet the required criteria, the time does not suit you or the project is not attractive enough, please recommend us a suitable candidate and get an interesting financial reward. If we allocate your recommended candidate to our project, we will pay you a reward of 300 €!