How to get a Trade Licence

How to get a Trade Licence

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1.If you leave employment

If you are employed and you are giving notice because of your own business, ask for the proof of income and paid tax advances before you leave. You will need it later for tax return purposes.

2.Trade Lincence Activities

To be able to perform work of an IT freelancer, you need to register the right activity in the trade licence.

We recommend choosing from the following free trade activities:

  • Computer services;
  • Services related to computer data processing;
  • Advertising and marketing services; and
  • Intermediation activities in services.

Put down on a paper a list of all trades (business activities), which you would like to do. The Trade Licence Office will register all trades in the trade licence certificate (formerly trade certificate). A fee has to be paid for each trade (see the following steps).

3.Business name

Decide on the business name for your firm. There is a rule for business names of natural persons (self–employed) that the business name has to start with your name and surname (degrees may be included Ing., Mgr., etc.). It may (does not have to) be followed by the business name. If your name was Ján Novák, your business name might look like this:

  • Ján Novák (only your name); or
  • Ján Novák Freelancer (name and business name).

4.Trade Licence Office

Go to the Trade Licence Office and get all forms necessary to register a trade licence. Do not forget your ID card and the necessary cash. Fill in the forms and hand them in while paying the administrative fee. Each free trade licence costs EUR 5. Duty stamps are no longer necessary. The fee can be also paid in cash.

It is also possible to request your trade licence online via e-government portal, but this can only be done by those who own the biometric ID cards and the special BOK code has been assigned to them.

Trade Licence Offices function as single points of contact. They will facilitate your registration of a trade licence by arranging some formalities for you automatically:

  • The Trade Licence Office will request criminal record for you.
  • The Trade Licence Office will register you as a self-employed person in a health insurance company for health insurance contributions.
  • The Trade Licence Office will register you with a tax office for personal income tax purposes.

The Trade Licence Office will issue the licence certificate (formerly trade certificate) within three business days.

5.Social Insurance Agency

You do not have to register with the Social Insurance Agency. You will be required to register with the Social Insurance Agency in the second year of doing business. If you decide not to register with the Social Insurance Agency in the first year of doing business, this time will not be included in your pension. You will not be entitled to sick pay or unemployment benefits if you decide to terminate your trade licence and do not find a job. If you want security and financial compensation in the above cases (sick leave, unemployment) you may register with the Social Insurance Agency as a voluntary payer.

6.Tax Office

The Tax Office will mail you a notice with your Tax Identification Number (Tax ID). You will state your Tax ID on invoices and you will use it as your identifier when dealing with the Tax Office.

7.Business Account

Open a business account in a bank. It is not required, but it is a must in practical terms.

8.Standing payment order

Set up a standing bank order in your business account to pay health insurance contributions. Later, when you start paying social insurance contributions, set up a standing bank order for this purpose. Although it is not required to pay contributions using a standing bank order, it is far more practical and comfortable than any other way.

9.Reporting your account to the Tax Office

Report your business account to the Tax Office. You have to do so within 15 days from its opening.

If you have done everything successfully, you should now have:

  • A trade licence certificate (trade certificate);
  • Tax ID;
  • Health insurance; and
  • A business account.

If you want to become a voluntary VAT payer, it is necessary to make a request at the Tax Office and fill in the relevant forms.

10.Professional Liability Insurance

Your company’s business activities and the associated contractual relationships may cause damage to a third party; therefore, it is reasonable to conclude a liability insurance policy.

The principle of insurance is that an insurance company covers risks, accidents and damage that you may cause and thus protects you from huge financial compensations that you could otherwise be forced to pay and cover from your own funds. A big advantage is that this insurance can be included in costs in the tax return.

After you obtain a trade licence or establish a business, we recommend concluding professional liability insurance with the following insurance coverage:

  • Damage to health, damage to property caused by physical damage or loss of property, including other associated property damage or lost profits resulting from this damage or loss, or from the inability to use the damaged or lost property;
  • Damage, destruction or loss of electronic data;
  • Damage to parts of movable and immovable property in which the insured or his/her authorised person performs any activities if the damage is caused as a result of or during such activities; and
  • The insurance (coverage) is valid worldwide, except for USA and Canada.

If you are interested in concluding professional liability insurance, feel free to contact us and we will help.

Congratulations, you are a FREELANCER! Get your career started and enjoy all benefits of a freelancer life.

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