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Success begins
with courage

Join our team of IT freelancers

Becoming part of our Titans team is not easy. It has never been. No doubt about it. You just have to have it in you: the desire, drive, energy, passion. Determination for progress in the IT world is what defines every Titan.
The joy of new challenges, the desire to conquer them and to prove to yourself and everyone else that the impossible is just a matter of will and perspective. That's the DNA of every exceptional hero.

You know yourself if you have got it in you!

We definitely recognise this. We are here for those who want to step out of the line and enter the real world of IT freelancing with a helmet crest on their chest.

For years, we have been fighting together, daily and painstakingly, alongside each and every one of our Titans men and Titans women. It is not easy to set the course and trends. Being a Titan is not for everyone. But you are not "everyone!"

We at TITANS will help you experience the freelance IT world of direct communication, relationships and cohesion that we have created together and that we keep on improving day by day.

We are ready for you. Are you ready?

How to become part of
our team:


Send us your CV in English or Slovak via the registration form or
e-mail address [email protected].


If you meet our requirements, we will invite you to a personal interview.


If you are successful in the selection process, we will make a contract with you and prepare you to start your chosen project


How to become an IT freelancer

To become an IT freelancer, you need get a trade or other form of business licence. This guide will show you how to do it.


Benefits you can only find
with us

Free subscription of the magazine

supplying 80 MDs with us.

Accounting advisory and other advisory services

We will help you get a trade licence or establish an LLC and we will provide you with a one-hour consultation with an accounting expert.

Support throughout the project

Even after starting the project, we are here for you and deal with any issues of you or the client.

Follow your heart and create the future you want. Your growth is limited only by your imagination and effort.

If you are an IT specialist who likes freedom, flexibility, above-standard financial compensation and diversity, you are destined to become an IT freelancer.

If you try it once, you will never want to go back to traditional employment.

Tím Titans

To be an IT freelancer


Be a master of your time

It is up to you to choose the duration of a project and a break before the next one. Freelance for a year and then rest or travel around the world.

Do you like a particular city or country? Choose a location to freelance from.


Earn more

In a few months, you will earn what you would earn in a year in traditional employment.

The superior financial remuneration means you can afford much more.


Keep experiencing something new

Every project brings you new colleagues, environment, experience and challenges. It is almost impossible to get bored.

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