Pycon 2024 Showed Why IT Talents Follow Us

Pycon 2024 Showed Why IT Talents Follow Us

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Sunny, with a chance of Python. This was the forecast for the long-awaited weekend of enthusiastic IT experts who can speak the “snake” programming language. As a platinum partner of PyCon 2024, we prepared for them a successful lecture, an interesting workshop and a stall brimming with amazing experiences.

At our Titans base, we don’t just build a database of experienced IT freelancers. We’re building a community that includes IT minds from all corners of the country and abroad, with different career aspirations and a diverse age range. We believe that our individual and fair approach is what motivates so many talents to join Titans and embrace the blue helmets. A great example was this year’s PyCon, which kept buzzing with life and good spirits.

We Have Been Supporting IT Conferences Like PyCon for Years

Despite our long-term success at TITANS, we haven’t forgotten our roots. The company’s CEOs Marek Greško and Róbert Dusík worked as programmers before the company was founded and, in addition to their traditional jobs, they also experienced a freelance life full of independence and frequent changes. This experience in the IT sector inspired them to improve the conditions for people who choose to freelance.

As a company, even after all these years, we are naturally drawn to IT events with lectures full of the latest expertise and excellent workshops focusing on practical skills. PyCon, the event of the year for all Pythonists, is one of our cherished conferences, that we have supported for a long time. We feel at home there and we knew that after a one-year hiatus, the event would be even more spectacular than before.

Once again, Marek and Róbert had the honour of officially opening PyCon with their speeches. They highlighted how the work of IT programmers is often invisible and taken for granted, even though it is demanding and requires continuous learning. “For me and us at TITANS, you are all heroes behind the curtain who make the world a better and safer place,” Marek stressed. “We are very proud to be here with you for the fourth time,” agreed Róbert.

Our Key Account Manager Michal Brandis shared practical tips from the current IT market.

Apart From Sports, We Also Like the Marathon of Questions

Our survey at the conference revealed that most attendees prefer the career benefits that come with freelancing. What are the advantages of freelancing? And what is the demand for Python programmers? The topics were covered by our Key Account Manager, Michal Brandis, who also shared practical tips from the current IT market. As usual, his lecture provoked many, or as the host described it, a “marathon” of insightful questions. We then asked the audience our questions via the popular Kahoot quiz, which selected the winner of the Titans package.

We Combine Education with Fun

Several curious pairs of eyes noticed that something mysterious was about to take place in the Titans’ stall, which was strikingly large. Our interactive wall presented a challenge to competitors of all ages who decided to measure their strength in a ball game. In addition, an eye-catching attraction was also the competition for Star Wars Mandalorian-themed LEGOs, which we presented to the winners with the best scores on both Friday and Saturday.

While some were attracted by the innovative entertainment, others came to discuss their career options with our experienced recruiting team or to chat with the insightful TITANS’ CEOs. We were also delighted to meet in person the ambitious young woman who won a ticket to PyCon in our LinkedIn competition. However, a particularly beautiful example of how PyCon connects human stories with career opportunities was Filip Kuna’s LinkedIn post. Thanks to him, we had the opportunity to get to know a very clever aspiring Pythonist, to whom we, as partners of the event, were able to give away a free ticket. And since no one can leave our stall empty-handed, we traditionally provided a supply of chocolates, comics and Krówki, which were quickly gone.

Our interactive wall presented a challenge to competitors of all ages who decided to measure their strength in a ball game.

We wrapped up the three-day event with a workshop by our colleague, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant, Sylvia Ličková. Sunday afternoon was dedicated to the art of writing an engaging CV based on specific examples from real life.

We are very grateful for the fantastic three days we were able to spend with many of you. We felt that we enriched, inspired, and pushed each other forward, and we can’t wait for the next year of the legendary PyCon!

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