8 Cases When Outsourcing IT Talent Is Worth It

8 Cases When Outsourcing IT Talent Is Worth It

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Running a business brings many tough decisions that you don’t have a lot of time to make. One of them is the dilemma of whether your brand should hire a new employee or rent an IT reinforcement. As an experienced outsourcing facilitator, we’ve put together specific scenarios to help you determine whether outsourcing is a new business opportunity you’ll want to take advantage of.

Not every small or mid-sized business is fortunate enough to have the resources for an in-house IT team. Even those who employ one may discover that it struggles to keep up with all that is required of it in today’s digital age. Whether it’s budget issues, specialised or unusual requirements, sometimes it’s in a company’s best interests to consider at least partial outsourcing of IT reinforcements.

Fortunately, some clues allow you to recognize early on that you need to outsource some of your IT projects. However, not every case of outsourcing is the same, which is why it’s also important to understand the benefits of working with an experienced and reliable partner to find the right IT specialist.

1. You Can’t Find Talents with Specialisations

The need for IT professionals is particularly magnified at times when a company is expanding or looking for new approaches to solving problems. However, they need the right environment to thrive on projects. If you’re struggling to attract the best people or your internal IT team’s retention rate is declining, it’s a good idea to contact an outsourcing vendor. With TITANS, you have more than 30 thousand Titans who have been selected by expert recruiting teams with a global market reach.

It’s also worth noting that your company represents a single client in the eyes of the IT specialist, that they may even disappoint in the case of their failure, and yet they can still easily find another client. We, on the other hand, as a facilitator of a wide range of projects from both domestic and foreign markets, provide this person with professional cooperation that they will most likely be interested in again and thus do not want to lose. It is therefore important to them that you as a client and we as a provider are satisfied with them. These considerable motivating factors also make it worthwhile to cooperate on outsourcing with a respected brand such as TITANS.

If you're struggling to attract the best people or your internal IT team's retention rate is declining, it's a good idea to contact an outsourcing vendor.

2. You Need to Reduce Your Budget

Outsourcing not only gives you access to different skills and perspectives but also allows you to reduce costs. If you were to decide to create a new job position, you would have to invest in recruitment, training, social and health insurance or paid leave for the person being hired. However, TITANS’ clients determine the period for which we provide IT reinforcement to them and only pay for the services delivered on an hourly rate basis. Moreover, by cooperating with an outsourcing partner, you will reduce labour costs because the hiring of IT specialists is charged as a service, i.e. as an investment cost. The saved money can then be invested in other aspects of the business, which is especially appreciated by small companies with limited resources.

3. Your Team Is Overwhelmed

Another signal to look out for is the constant overload of your internal IT staff. In this situation, they’re at risk of burning out, so you’d better act quickly. With TITANS, you don’t have to waste time with a long selection process – we’ll make the suitable pre-selection of IT experts for you, taking your needs into account. As a result, we can have the chosen person on board within just 8 days of your request. Your team’s hands are freed up to focus on core activities again, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity in your company. In addition, with outsourcing, you minimise disruptions between and after the completion of individual projects and flexibly manage the size of your team according to your current needs.

4. The Company Does Not Innovate

If you’re constantly one step behind and your team can never break out of the troubleshooting cycle, it’s time to consider outsourcing IT talents. While they take responsibility for routine tasks, you can start thinking bigger and innovating. You can also make your company more competitive and innovative by tapping into the expertise and advanced technology of outsourced resources. Fresh air from a seasoned reinforcement can very often boost the internal team and motivate it to further ambitious performances.

Outsourcing can very often boost the internal team and motivate it to further ambitious performances.

5. You Are Easy Prey for Hacker Groups

Every company should consider outsourcing IT reinforcements if it doesn’t have the budget and resources for adequate data protection and cybersecurity. Both measures are becoming crucial for all modern businesses, and underestimating them could lead to significant legal, financial, reputational and regulatory risks. Outsourcing can also help if you need to obtain security certification and your in-house IT team cannot meet the requirements.

6. IT Activities Are Not Aligned with Business Strategies

If your technical initiatives aren’t in sync with your company’s higher-level business goals, it may be worth seeking support. An outsourcing partner will ensure that IT becomes a tool that drives the business forward, instead of being a separate function. Additionally, if in-house technology management leads to delayed product launches or slow response to changes, it can severely limit your company’s competitiveness.

7. You Are Worried About Technology Debt

One of the key issues in business today is technology debt, which has grown over time in many organisations. It refers to the suspension of management-required innovations, which as a result slows down the performance of companies. A report by OutSystems warns that approximately 40% of large companies’ budgets are spent on technology debt-related expenses. Brands that develop a strategy to address technology debt gain significant competitive advantages. In doing so, they often turn to outsourcing partners who supply them with experienced IT specialists to implement innovations. After all, the best minds tend to operate on a freelance model, and it does not pay off to compromise on high standards when it comes to their selection.

Brands that develop a strategy to address technology debt often turn to outsourcing partners who supply them with experienced IT specialists to implement innovations.

8. You Can’t Afford to Take Risks

Outsourcing may not deliver the same results as collaboration with an outsourcing partner. The difference lies in that TITANS, as a leader in the Slovak market, has a database of only verified and highly qualified IT talents. In addition to knowing the market and understanding the IT field well, an individual approach is essential for us. Therefore, our consultants participate in job interviews to better understand our clients’ needs and deliver an IT reinforcement that best matches their requirements.

Moreover, we motivate every freelancer to perform at their best based on our client satisfaction ratings. By working with an experienced partner, you also get a guarantee – TITANS will find you a suitable replacement within 10 working days if you are not satisfied with the quality of the person you have selected. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the quality of your projects will be compromised or that you will miss the deadline.

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