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Lease of IT specialists

Lease of IT specialists

Lease of IT specialists

TITANS freelancers gives you the opportunity to obtain quickly and easily highly-qualified IT specialists for your team (so-called IT Outsourcing or IT Bodyshopping/Bodyleasing).

IT Outsourcing is used if it is for various reasons more effective for a company to lease external capacities than to hire full-time IT specialists (e.g. due to limited financial or human resources or if it is necessary to obtain quickly a greater number of IT specialists).

Advantages of lease of IT specialists:

  • You do not lose time with a long selection process– we will pre-select the appropriate IT specialists for you with respect to your needs.
  • We are able to arrange that the selected IT specialist starts within 8 days from your request.
  • You pay no extra hours. You specify the period for which we will provide an IT specialist and you will pay only for the actually delivered services based on the hourly rate.
  • You do not pay for education, work equipment or other costs of IT specialists (travel costs, meals etc.).
  • You do not pay social or health insurance for IT specialists and you do not pay vacation days.
  • You can manage your team’s size flexibly according to the current needs of your company.
  • You minimise idle time between and after projects.
  • You reduce labour costs because the lease of IT specialists is charged as a service (investment costs) and it is not included in the labour costs.
  • You can fully concentrate on your core business activities.

You have additional benefits with us:

  • COMFORT: You can easily choose and order the required IT specialists online on our website.
  • GUARANTEE: We offer only proven and highly-qualified IT specialists. If you are not satisfied with the performance or quality of an IT specialist, we will find you an appropriate replacement within 20 days.
  • INDIVIDUAL APPROACH: Our recruiting consultants take part in all work interviews to better understand your needs in order to provide you only with those IT specialists who best meet your requirements.
  • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: Each IT specialist is motivated to give the best performance through our own system of benefits and client satisfaction assessment.
  • WE SAVE YOUR TIME: Our selection of suitable IT specialists involves a pre-selection of suitable candidates for you.
  • HUGE COVERAGE: Five recruiting teams search for suitable IT specialists.

You can expect fast adaptation to the project and professional conduct from our IT specialists.

An IT specialist may be allocated in various combinations: on-site, off-site, full-time or part-time according to your preferences and needs.