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It’s not easy to become a TITAN. It never was. There’s no doubt about that. You must have it in you: #desire #drive #energy #commitment #determination to grow in the #IT world defines every TITAN.
The readiness for new challenges, the drive to take them on and to prove that impossible is just a matter of will and perspective is rooted in the #DNA of every great hero.

If it’s in you, you know it and feel it!

We know it for sure and we help those who want to step out from a line and enter the real world of IT #freelancing with a helmet crest on their chest.

For years, we have fought and persevered day after day alongside each of our TITANs.
It’s not easy to set the trend.
Being a TITAN is not for everyone. But you aren’t just anybody!

At TITANS, we will help you experience the IT #freelance world of direct communication, relationships and solidarity that we reinforce and improve every day.

We are ready for you. Are you ready?


How to join our team:

  • Send us your CV* in English or Slovak using our contact form (by clicking the button “RESPOND TO THE JOB OFFER” below concrete job offer) or e-mail
  • If you meet our requirements, we will invite you to a personal interview.
  • If you pass the selection process successfully, we will conclude a framework contract with you and you can start working on the project.

*If you are not sure how to create a good resume and you are looking for a bit of inspiration, our article How to write a CV may help you. You will learn what an IT freelance CV should look like and what (not) to include. There is also an option to download Slovak, English or German CV template at the end of the article.

In order to conclude a framework contract with us and to work as an IT freelancer, you need to have a trade licence or another form of business.

If you want to learn how to get a trade licence, download the following document with detailed instructions.

BENEFITS you gain only with us:

  • Free subscription of the magazine NEXTECHTOUCHIT or FORBES after supplying 60 MDs with us;
  • Exclusive vouchers for any 2D/3D movie experience in CINEMAX movie theaters or a gift voucher in Ticketportal network after supplying 80 MDs with us;
  • Gift vouchers in the Alza online store after supplying 100 MDs with us;
  • Bookkeeping consultancy or consultancy services for establishment of LLC/trade license set up


Follow your heart and create a future of your dreams. Your growth is limited only by your imagination and effort.
If you are an IT specialist who loves freedom, flexibility, superior financial remuneration and diversity, you are destined to become an IT freelancer. Once you try it, you will never go back to traditional employment.

Being an IT freelancer means:

  • Be a master of your time
    • It is up to you how many days in a week you work.
    • You determine your work hours.
    • It is up to you how long a project you choose and when you decide for another one. Work for one year and then rest or travel around the world.
    • Do you like a particular city or country? Choose a location where you will work.
  • Earn more
    • In a few months, you will earn what you earn in traditional employment in one year. Thanks to superior financial remuneration, you can afford much more and work less.
  • Constantly experience something new
    • Each project you decide to work on brings you new colleagues, environment, experience, challenges and work areas. It is almost impossible to start getting bored.