How Do We Control Our Corporate #pulse at TITANS?

How Do We Control Our Corporate #pulse at TITANS?

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According to surveys, only about 50% of employees at a traditional Slovak company are satisfied. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs and company managers realise the importance of a healthy working environment and a free corporate culture.

We belong to them and invest a lot of time in maintaining a healthy Titans culture in our company. In cooperation with our mentors from Ideal Place, Andrea and Juraj, we try to uncover all hidden moods and constantly improve our corporate environment.

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With this goal and mindset, we conducted several workshops with our entire internal team where we discussed everything that we all think contributes to or hinders the creation of an ideal #workspace.

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In addition to internal workshops, we also talk about these things with people from the outside – for example, at interactive GrowClub meetings, where we share valuable experiences with other entrepreneurs and company managers and discuss how to create a company culture with the right pulse.

You can read the results from the last such meeting here:

More freedom leads to greater satisfaction.

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