New Roles in the Sales Team

New Roles in the Sales Team

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TITANS sales team started to take shape intensively in 2018 when we hired the first Account Manager, Mišo. A year later, he was joined by Maroš and gradually by four other members – Matej, Dávid, Mišo and Tomáš. Each of them held the same position in the team until recently the need to create new roles arose.

The Role of Account Manager at TITANS

Account managers at TITANS are responsible for day-to-day communication with customers. They go through project needs with them, specify the requirements for IT specialists, choose and interview the selected people, and ensure their smooth onboarding and support throughout the allocation period.

They provide a similar service to IT freelancers. From preparing for the interview, negotiating contract terms and conditions and signing the contract to providing backup and solving any problems during the project.

The day-to-day support and management of both parties (freelancers and customers) is no easy task. It requires a constant blending of technical know-how with precise communication skills. But our salespeople know how to do it and work hard every day to perform their roles to the best of their abilities. We’re proud of them.

New Key Account Manager Role

In 2021, we’ve seen another surge in demand for IT specialists. We took on 100% more projects than the year before, which required more intensive communication with customers and brought a greater workload for our salespeople.

In addition, we teamed up with our investment partner, Sanberg Capital, and expanded our operations into the Czech Republic by acquiring BRIDGEWATER in December. These were our first steps to pursuing our vision of building a strong international TITANS brand that will connect significant IT technology projects with smart IT freelancers across Europe.

The growing interest in IT outsourcing and our international growth were the reasons why we created new roles of KEY ACCOUNT MANAGERS in the sales team and promoted our most senior salespeople, Michal Brandis and Maroš Baksa, to these roles. 

Mišo and Maroš have been promoted to new roles - Key Account Managers.

As Key Account Managers, they can spend more time on the needs of individual customers, listen more closely to their project requirements and take customer care to the next level. 

Since December 2021, Mišo and Maroš have been the MAIN POINTS OF CONTACT for our customers, providing more comprehensive mentoring in project staffing, preparing reports and forecasts, and overseeing the fulfilment of strategic objectives across the entire customer structure.

In collaboration with other account managers, they continue to manage the complete agenda related to the allocation of freelancers to projects and they flexibly handle all customer and freelancer requests.

New Roles: CSO and Business Development Manager

Another big news is the role of Chief Sales Officer (CSO), which has been held by Tomáš Darvaši in the sales team since last year.

As a CSO, he is in charge of developing the logic of internal sales systems, processes and culture and helps colleagues create the space to focus on the activities they are best at. Tomáš also performs a lot of sales-related operational work during the ordinary working day. He evaluates various metrics, performance, or quality of service. His systemic process setup ensures the smooth running of the entire sales department.

After a short time in the role of the CSO, Tomáš also took up the role of Business Development Manager. In this position, he is dedicated to the communication and development of new and future customers. He discusses the unique benefits, synergies and services that TITANS can bring them. He is the single point of contact for new customers and his agenda largely consists of closing new contracts.

The sales team has been enriched by the new roles: CSO and Business Development Manager.

Team Spirit

Great teamwork, a desire to move forward and strong collegiality among all members of the sales team get us closer to clients and freelancers every year. We have the space to build relationships with them, recognize their needs quickly and respond to them on time.

Do you share similar values and want to be part of our growing sales team?

Contact us and become an Account Manager at TITANS.

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