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Renovated Premises

Address unchanged.

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Renovated Premises, Unchanged Address

After two years, we expanded our premises for the team of our current and future colleagues so that they can perform work of the highest quality. The renovation took nearly five months, we worked hard on it and the result is really worth it.

Our colleagues have enjoyed a pleasant working atmosphere at the new premises since the beginning of June. 100 m2 are ready for our skilful team that searches for the best IT specialists for various projects.


The change was made for a simple reason: expansion of our internal team. Some of the offices that are ready for our new colleagues have welcomed their new “owners”. That’s how we will be able to allocate TITANs to a greater number of interesting IT projects and to provide our customers with a greater number of high-quality specialists for their IT teams.

Of course, we redesigned the office with great care to make everyone feel comfortable, relaxed and inspired – like at home.

We believe that the new premises will help improve opportunities and services for our TITANs and customers. We are looking forward to new projects and ideas to improve our work and to achieve even better results.

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