TITANS CodeCon 2022

TITANS CodeCon 2022

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After two years we finally met again at CodeCon. A top conference by developers for developers. Although we expected it to be big, the eighth year took our breath away.

Our Favourite Event Since the Beginning

CODECON has been a soft spot for us since its early days when we sat around a table at FIIT and told 300 IT enthusiasts just like us about our startup business. And it’s stayed that way to this day. The community expanded to almost a thousand developers who shared experiences, hints and tips on how to take #IT to the next level under the roof of the Old Market Hall, and instead of sitting at one table, we were now on stage as speakers.

From the moment we entered the Old Market Hall in the morning until we left, there was a lot to look at and a lot to listen to. The whole day’s program on 3 stages, where IT experts took turns, was moderated by Sajfa, who makes every event a world-class show.

Entertainment Was Guaranteed

After a two-year break, we also wanted to prepare an unforgettable experience for the participants. We spent the whole day at our booth answering their questions about freelancing, offering IT projects where they can use their #skills, energizing them with quality chocolate, and providing entertainment. We prepared a virtual reality competition where they had the opportunity to play for cool prizes. The three fastest and most precise players won the Beat Saber game, and we would like to congratulate them once again.

Once again, we confirmed that events are the best way to meet the IT community, exchange a few words and experience a common atmosphere. No email, phone call or video call can replace that.

Every year CodeCon gets better and better. We are already looking forward to the ninth edition!

Peťo Širka and the whole team, thank you for the best WEB DEVELOPER conference in our country!

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