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.NET Architekt & Team Leader

You are one of the best providers of freelancer services I've worked with in my 20 years of freelancing.

UI Programmer

TITANS freelancers is an exceptional firm and I wish we had such a company in the Czech Republic. I will be very happy to work with Robert again if there is an opportunity.

.NET Programmer

Róbert is a great person and our cooperation has always been good. His approach to business has always been fair, open, easy and professional.

Project Manager

I strongly recommend TITANS freelancers. I am a proud TITAN, too.
Marek, Robert, keep up the good work, congratulations!

C++ Programmer

Your agency and you personally are the epitome of professional and helpful approach beneficial for both parties.

Backup Specialist

I have cooperated with Titans for two years and although it may seem a cliché, I must say that such a fair and highly professional approach and helpfulness are very rare in Slovakia. Thank you.

.NET Programmer

I consider TITANS a very professional team. Personalised approach and impeccable care are a much-needed base for my self-fulfilment and I’m very grateful for that. In short, if I recommended a Central European agency to someone, I would choose TITANS in the first place…

Senior Tester

have never cooperated with a company like TITANS: benefits for freelancers, book vouchers, great communication and any question asked is always answered very willingly. These little things, details differentiate you from others.

Each step reinforces my opinion that YOU ARE THE BEST! Other similar companies are no competition to you.

.NET Programmer

I am satisfied with your professionalism and fairness. And also with the payment discipline. Of course, I would recommend you. You are one of the few who are here for us, IT freelancers.

Web Programmer

The TITANS team are true and reliable professionals.

Web Programmer

My cooperation with TITANS freelancers meant new opportunities for my career as a developer. The decision to cooperate at this level brought me new opportunities to grow professionally and to gain new work experience on interesting projects. All this on a professional level with a fair and friendly approach. I definitely recommend cooperating with the TITANS freelancers team.

IBM BPM JAVA Architect

Your company has class, the quality of the provided services is high. I also appreciate the benefits you provide.

JAVA Programmer

I consider TITANS freelancers a reliable and fair agency with a friendly approach that flexibly responds to all my requests, suggestions and insights. Its expertise is reflected in its services and approach to people. I strongly recommend cooperating with TITANS.

JAVA Programmer

Interesting projects, best conditions, trouble-free cooperation, helpfulness and professionalism. I’ve had no negative experience, quite the reverse. Highly recommended.

ICT Analyst

I’m very satisfied with the quality of work of Ing. Robert Dusík and TITANS freelancers, s. r. o. I highly recommend cooperating with TITANS to anyone who likes a certain degree of freedom and independence along with a sense of security.

.NET Programmer

My cooperation with TITANS has been excellent and the company is helpful. What I appreciate most is that they always keep their word!

DWH Specialist

My cooperation with TITANS has been excellent and I'm fully satisfied. It is of benefit to me and I hope that this will continue.

Lotus Notes Specialist

I have recently read in a forum, I think it was in 2013, that “if you want to have superior pay, join TITANS” and it’s true. I’m satisfied in every way. Excellent communication, cooperation, helpfulness, favourable financial conditions and benefits. Maximum satisfaction.

JAVA Team Leader

I have cooperated with TITANS for over two years. Our cooperation has always been based on trust and respect for deadlines on both sides. As a result, I highly recommend TITANS as a very reliable and trustworthy partner.

JAVA Programmer

Your company is of benefit especially when looking for longer-term technologically-interesting large projects in terms of integration to other systems and the functionality required for major IT suppliers. I am satisfied with the professional approach of the people with whom I have had personal contact. I definitely recommend cooperating with you to other IT freelancers and IT companies.

Project Manager

TITANS is our reliable partner for long-term staffing of project managers for one of our company’s strategic projects.

JAVA Programmer

I contacted TITANS over a year ago and I started to work on a project very quickly. Our cooperation has been trouble-free to mutual satisfaction.

C/C++ programmer

For me, you are a company I can turn to at any time. I will always remember our cooperation as the best, not just when looking for new challenges.

JAVA Developer

It is an honour to work with you.

JAVA Developer

Thank you for your open, friendly and fair approach.

Project Manager

I would like to thank you for excellent cooperation and professional approach.

Data Analyst

Thank you for excellent cooperation and I'm happy to be a TITAN.

ICT Analyst

Cooperation and communication with you is at a top level, which is great and motivates me to continue working together.

Perl Programmer

Thank you for your exemplary activities on the professional front.

SAP Specialist

I am grateful and glad to work with people (fair, responsible, reputable) like you, TITANS.

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