IT projects at TITANS convince students to stay in Slovakia

IT projects at TITANS convince students to stay in Slovakia

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Students worry about how they will secure their future after the economic crisis. Their friends abroad keep praising their great jobs where they have gained experience with innovative IT projects, healthy self-confidence, and work value. However, they are unsure what to put on their CVs, how to earn a decent living, and the idea that if they complete their studies, they will one day work on an outdated legacy system in a bank does not appeal to them very much.

The data confirms that one in five students wants to leave Slovakia permanently and almost half want to leave for at least some time. This is the finding of the “Magnet for Talent” analysis, prepared by experts under the guidance of the Research and Innovation Authority, which is part of the Government Office. The fact that the brain drain in Slovakia is more pronounced than in most EU countries is not surprising news to anyone. Better pay and living conditions are an understandable reason why up to 40% of computer science students plan to take up employment abroad.

We at TITANS are convinced that this long-term trend requires similarly long-term activities to reverse it. That is why we are committed to education. We promote innovative teaching approaches, help develop children’s social and emotional skills, educate young people in schools, advise them on how to succeed in the domestic market, and explain how they can work on world-class IT projects in the future.

Our comics encourage students to pursue high quality IT projects in the future.


An example of our educational activities is many lectures of our colleagues from sales and recruitment, which we repeatedly organised at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEI) of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Our priority was to pass on to the students practical knowledge that they could use immediately.

Our recruiting expert, Sylvia Ličková, taught them how to sell themselves better on the job market, why the quality of their LinkedIn profile and CV matters, and how to improve them. The students appreciated that the workshop was interactive and focused on a topic no one discussed with them.

Michal Brandis, who is an alumnus, told the students how IT freelancing works. Our current Key Account Manager explained the differences between freelancing and working through an LLC, as well as the reasons why the demand for freelancers is growing. The students were also motivated by the different forms of collaboration (on-site, hybrid, off-site) and the average man-day rate in the market.

Our experienced recruiters describe students IT projects offered by TITANS.

How IT projects taste like with Titans

Since education is one of the areas we actively support, we decided to expand our cooperation with FEI to other events. The first event is the inspiring Business Breakfast with Titans. Who could better present the leading Slovak IT freelancing brand, than its founders themselves? So, our CEOs, Robo Dusík and Marek Greško, visited the faculty. Together with the students, they recalled their university days, their fears that later preceded the founding of TITANS, and the reasons why they willingly gave up stable employment.

Indeed, ambitions never sleep! The students found time to go to the renovated Block E in the early morning and subjected our bosses to well-thought-out questions. Besides the vision of new opportunities, they were energised for the November day by delicious sandwiches and titanic FlapJacks, which quickly vanished. We, in turn, were motivated by the fact they did not focus their attention on food, but on tips on how to succeed in the industry and get the most desirable IT projects. If only every breakfast could start in such a hopeful spirit!

Students praised the lecture of our CEOs who explained why TITANS is a reliable partner that matches freelancers with the IT projects.

Which child didn’t dream of becoming a superhero?

Not much time passed, and we filled our Krówki boxes again. This time we visited the FEI, refreshed by the first frost, which drove ambitious minds to hide in the warm halls and take part in the Job Fair.

We were pleased that many students remembered us from the recent Business Breakfast and the lecture appealed to them so much that they came to get to know us better. This confirmed our belief that young people can sense if the speakers understand the topic because they are “in the business” themselves.

We believe that when this smart generation gains professional experience, they will remember their old dream of becoming a superhero in the real world and join our exclusive selection of experts. Until then, however, they will surely benefit from the valuable recommendations that our fellow recruiters have shared with them, and the knowledge that the path to IT projects that benefit the public is real and well-trodden.

The future IT experts were very interested in learning more about IT projects.

We want students to feel seen

The new names in the database are nice, and the increase in followers on our networks is also great. But the most reliable feedback comes from conversations with people whose young lives are not as easy as they seem. Keeping a balance between challenging studies, often unpaid internships, a social life, and the expectations of society and loved ones, creates enormous pressure.

We remember how confusing it was to experience a world of smiling recruiters who gave us empty promises yet didn’t understand the nature of our work. That’s why we’re coming back to environments where there are younger generations. We strive to be the people we wish we could have met when we were their age. After all, today’s computer science students will one day be the experts who will improve tomorrow’s IT projects.

In this regard, we would like to thank the FEI for our cooperation so far and we look forward to seeing you again! In the meantime, we would be happy to meet new faces here as well, it would be an honour.

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