IT Specialists from TITANS Nominated for the FéliX Business Award

IT Specialists from TITANS Nominated for the FéliX Business Award

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For the third year, experts selected the crème de la crème of the local business community to serve as role models for future talents. This time, they highlighted exceptional brands that contribute to a more modern and prosperous Slovakia. The nominees were included in five competition categories. And our brand, which connects IT specialists with top projects, had the honor of being among them!

In Elite Company

The event, organised by Slovenská sporiteľňa and SME Index, recognises inspiring business and self-government activities. The winners are selected by an independent jury consisting of respected personalities of social and business life.

And it was the jury that nominated TITANS freelancers for the prestigious Excellent Business Story award. So we found ourselves among other reputable names that have a strong story of business success and are associated with healthy growth, creativity, integrity, courage, or the right corporate culture. This is proof that together with the Slovak brands SK Dental, Resco, GEVORKYAN, Martinus, and Canor, we are innovative and progressive, and we also care about social responsibility. 

However, we were unique in one thing: within this category, we are the only nominated company that delivers a service and is not involved in selling or manufacturing a product.

We Write the Stories of IT Specialists Differently

What defines the success of connecting IT specialists with digital projects?

According to Marek Greško, co-founder and co-CEO of TITANS freelancers, it is first and foremost about the unique internal software we develop and innovate from the ground up. It helps us find and reach out to the right candidates efficiently and quickly through sophisticated algorithms. This results in better matches than if a person were to select from among CVs.

“Our ‘commodity’, which we then work with, is IT specialists,” continues Marek Greško. “There is a huge shortage of this commodity on the market and it is unique every time. We can’t scale it, it is unstable over time and we can’t control how it will turn out. We can’t stock it and we can’t produce it. There is no production process or precedent for any connection between an IT freelancer and the project we’re looking for. Each one is a new story.”

We Speak the IT Language

What sets our founding Titans apart from the competition is how the freelancers’ stories mirror their own experiences. Having both enjoyed successful careers in the IT sector, they understand the requirements of companies and the range of specialists’ knowledge better than laypeople. At the same time, they comprehend the shortcomings of recruitment agencies or companies from which they received job offers in the past. 

“We noticed that recruiters are not familiar with IT, they couldn’t explain what they were offering us. They just saw us as items on a list. In short, it was not up to par,” recalls co-founder and co-CEO Róbert Dusík. 

So our leaders decided to do it differently – better, more informed, and with a personal touch. As a result, we now have over 27 thousand IT specialists in our database, ranging from consultants to programmers, testers, analysts, and managers. It’s fair to say that as Titans we have dominated the market for outsourcing IT specialists in Slovakia. 

“Marek and I attribute our success to a combination of several factors,” explains Róbert Dusík. “One of them is that we are a respected brand in Slovakia, having existed for 10 years without any scandals or problems. We have a stable team of people who don’t leave us and are eager to continue writing our story with us. We are proud that although we have our headquarters in Bratislava and another physical office in Prague, we supply IT specialists all over Europe, where we are the market leader.”

TITANS freelancers were founded by the IT specialists Róbert Dusík and Marek Greško.

There Are No Successful IT Specialists without Loyal Allies

Our efforts were also recognised by the public in the competition category. In its Vox Populi voting it determined TITANS freelancers as the winners, which the brand’s founders are proud of and they thank for every vote. However, they remember that they didn’t achieve success alone. 

“Without the strong support of our wives, we would never have been able to build our company to what it is today, while maintaining a functional and loving family. This is something I remind myself of every day, and something we will never take for granted,” states Róbert Dusík. 

Thanks to their loved ones, leaders have avoided burnout syndrome for ten years, despite their immense workload. Even the CEOs’ initial acquaintance happened because their wives were classmates in grammar school. 

“We are grateful to them for creating the space for us to write our story,” adds Marek Greško. “At the same time, we want to thank all our colleagues, without whom our story would not have been successful, and last but not least the jury, and the organisers for nominating us, and selecting us for the final six.”

However, the jury’s award ultimately went to another successful company – Resco – whom our CEOs sincerely congratulate on their well-deserved win.   

“I am proud that our small country can generate so many inspiring ideas and businesses, despite all the obstacles,” adds Róbert Dusík. 

“Even though we didn’t win, being among the best in Slovakia is a great honor for us,” agrees Marek Greško.

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