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Looking Back at 2018

Year-On-Year comparison by TITANS.

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Just like a year ago, we have prepared a brief summary of statistics for the last year with a year-on-year comparison. What a great year it was!

Comparison of 2017 and 2018

Although 2017 was really successful, we did not rest on our laurels. Every day, we fought hard and proudly represented what the name TITANS means in the world of IT outsourcing. As a result, we achieved even better results and 2018 was our most successful year ever!

Right at the start of the year, January and February, we allocated 46 positions. This flying start really boosted our expectations for the following period. Eventually, we broke our record: we filled 262 positions in twelve months, surpassing 2017 by almost 5%.

The chart shows the development of filled positions over the last two years:

Number of Filled Positions per Month in 2017 vs. 2018

  • 2018
  • 2017

Duration of Projects

Each specialist chooses a project according to their preferences. However, in the long run, there is a growing trend in the average duration of allocated projects. In 2018, we exceeded eight months for the first time: on average, our TITANs spent eight and a half months on a project. This growing trend shows that companies perceive TITANs as long-term and stable assets in their projects and, after the end of a project, a TITAN often continues on the next project with the same client.

Category of Projects

Java, Java and Java again. In 2018, the first and the most special place in our portfolio goes to JAVA Programmers who were allocated on 45 projects. The close second spot is held by .NET Programmers. They were filled on 41 projects. The first two places are traditionally divided between these two positions.

The remaining places in our ranking, like every year, were taken by JavaScript Programmers (23), Web Programmers (22), Business/ICT Analysts (20) and Testers (19).

For the first time, Python Programmers were among the most allocated positions, which shows the growing trend and potential of this programming language. In 2018, we allocated 24 TITANs specialising in Python.

Last year was also a year of new challenges for us. We also searched for relatively rare IT positions, such as Blockchain Specialists. They have become sought-after experts, especially because of increasing popularity of cryptocurrency-related projects.

Percentage of Positions in 2018

  • JAVA programátor
  • .NET programátor
  • JAVASCRIPT programátor
  • WEB programátor
  • BIZNIS/ICT analytik
  • PYTHON programátor
  • ostatné

The interest in freelancing has been growing every year: specialists are looking for new challenges outside traditional career paths and companies need just those people.

Working on a project as an IT freelancer is no longer an unachievable or unrealistic goal as it used to be in the past. It is an increasingly popular choice in our dynamically evolving IT segment where requirements for specialists change every week.

Is stereotype in your current job killing you? What about freelancing and choosing projects that will move you forward and be enjoyable? That’s what awaits you, if you arm yourself for a fight as a TITAN, a respected and powerful warrior in the world of great IT projects.

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