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TITANs on marathon 2017

The Bratislava Marathon | Solid result of TITANS.

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Exercise and a healthy lifestyle should be an integral part of a freelancer’s life. We would like to encourage this attitude so we decided to take part in this year’s ČSOB Bratislava Marathon.

As our goal was also to strengthen our team and have fun, we chose the relay. The relay involves four runners who divide the course between them.

The experience was truly unforgettable and we recommend it to everyone. The good feeling in the finish was enhanced by a solid result. Out of 532 participating teams, we finished in a solid 82nd place with a time of 01:47:03. However, we don’t want to settle for this result (however solid) and we will attack the top 25 next year. 🙂

So if you are free for a while during a project, do not hesitate and be active. Go for a run or work out. It will boost your performance behind the PC. We are more than satisfied and hope to see you all at the Bratislava marathon next year.

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