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Watch our talk with Michal Král from Pricemania Academy.

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Pricemania Academy is an educational institution focused on online marketing and business strategy. They provide a range of online workshops and video seminars and they also run their own youtube channel where many interviews with businessmen and marketing specialist from attractive slovak companies are shared.

Last time they invited us to chat with their founder Michal Král what resulted in an interesting vlog about #TITANS. If you watch it, you will definitely learn more about us as we talked a lot about:

  • the way we started our business (how our first office looked like or who was our first client)
  • us building IT freelancers community and improving relationships with our clients
  • the challenges we had to overcome in first years of business, the things we’ve learned and what is our secret to moving forward
  • our business model (how it works and what are the biggest benefits we offer)
  • our mission, our goals and some plans we have for the future

Except for that, we opened to a short discussion about public sector and we explained our approach to projects coming from this area. We also mentioned why it’s important to cooperate with companies such as Slovensko.Digital.

Later in the talk we answered the questions about our client’s know-how protection and what we do to ensure it. We described the process of building and maintaining the database of our #TITANSfreelancers and at the end we explained how we make sure we always get right people on right projects.

And last but not least, there is some interesting know-how we decided to share with you in the video. We will tell you why the first impression is not always the thing you should rely on or why stable projects don’t always guarantee a stable business.

So don’t wait any longer and watch the full interview between TITANS and PRICEMANIA ACADEMY. In case you have any other questions, feel free to ask on our Facebook page or LinkedIn.


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