TITANS Celebrates 7 Years

TITANS Celebrates 7 Years

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It started with the idea to create a world of IT freelancing based on trust and cohesion. The idea became a plan, the plan became the first website, database, and successfully allocated freelancer.

He was a Delphi programmer and the first Titan in history. His IT abilities were used to help a smaller company in Žilina. After the first year, there were already 19 Titans.

We started with a small dusty office with two chairs. After the second year, our office space grew to 100 m2. And our team grew too, not just the freelance team, but the internal one as well.

And so, time passed. We entered the third year with 292 successful allocations, and 12 months later, that number increased by 51.

But let’s not make it just about numbers.

During the fourth year, we began to strengthen our relationships even more. We swapped work for sport for a while and for the first time, we ran a relay race with our Titans.

In 2018, we celebrated our fifth anniversary, and it turned out that our determination, clear vision and healthy growth can be seen even where we wouldn’t have expected it. The sixth year brought TITANS the Diamond of Slovak Business award and a COVER STORY in Forbes.

At that time, and the following year, we were repeatedly nominated for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award, and we were also nominated for the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe competition, which focuses on fast-growing technology companies in Central Europe.

But with growth comes more responsibility [and Peter Parker knows all about that ;)] and a desire to support a good cause. That’s why the seventh year at TITANS was marked by strengthening old partnerships and building new ones. We became patrons of two international IT conferences (PyCon and CodeCon) and became a proud partner of the civic association Slovensko.Digital.

This is what our 7 years look like in a nutshell.

Although everyone told us it would be hard at the start, we didn’t give up. We persevered and for the fourth year, we are the leader in the Slovak IT freelancing market.

We have changed the lives of more than 876 freelancers and provided extra muscle for more than 619 IT projects. And we already have 17 internal Titans by our side in this fight.

We want to thank all the Titans for their great work, solidarity, and joy from new challenges. We stand ready to continue defending the blue colours of our battalions together with you.


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