CodeCon Feels Great in the "Pearl on the Váh River"

CodeCon Feels Great in the "Pearl on the Váh River"

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The commanders’ orders were clear: explore the uncharted territory in the north and test the mettle of the hearts of potential allies. We’re proud to report that our CodeCon expedition across the snowy landscape ended in joyous success – and lots of great experiences!

One of the biggest IT conferences, CodeCon, feels great in Žilina.

During the Second World War, it was a furniture and grain warehouse, later a socialist house of education or a park of culture and recreation, until it was used by the College of Transport and Communications. After the Velvet Revolution, it was turned into a cinema centre. 

Who would have thought that at the end of 2023, the renovated synagogue would become an oasis for top programmers? But when you find an interesting company of kindred spirits full of sincere interest, it doesn’t matter what building you are in. As the architect of the Synagogue’s renovation noted, the ability to absorb numerous changes is perhaps the most amazing feature of this national cultural landmark.

What the Regions Offer

Memories of the Jewish building were mixed with conversations of IT specialists from different parts of Slovakia. They were not discouraged by the freezing December morning, during which they streamed in an increasingly dense queue to the booths of partner brands placed around a mass of chairs. And even those were not enough after all! The fascinating presentations by the business leaders captivated the crowd so much that many enthusiasts even listened to them in the corridor. 

This confirmed what the CodeCon organizers were also aware of. Top minds and future development leaders are not only waiting in Bratislava but they are scattered across the regions as well. Thus, for the first time, one of the biggest IT conferences moved to the picturesque town of Žilina, which has entered the history of the event with an A-star – right under the painting of the Star of David in the dome. 

CodeCon was officially opened by Ján Gordulič, whose enthusiasm and characteristic humor accompanied the participants until it was dark in the streets again. Some of you may remember his stand-up about the Titans, which he performed a few months ago at an event in Bratislava. We agree that IT themes suit him, so we were delighted that he became the face of its Žilina twin.

CodeCon was hosted by Ján Gordulič.

Why CodeCon is an Elysium for IT Specialists

Lectures “programmed” for developers who want to grow and learn about the hottest trends in their world were followed by panel discussions and curious questions asked by the audience through the SLIDO app. To freshen things up, the organisers also prepared a fun quiz with unique questions, in which partner brands also joined in. 

One of the most important added values of CodeCon was networking, which was supported by a cleverly invented benefit. If visitors overcame their shyness and came to the IT companies’ booths to chat, they could get a stamp, and if they collected ten of them, they entered a competition to win a luxury iPad. 

In total, more than 650 developers marked the event on their calendars, and they certainly appreciated its accessibility – after all, entry to every CodeCon is free. In addition to the ZAIT booth at the New Synagogue, visitors also met at the Rosenfeld Palace, the café booth, and the Banka Žilina business and coworking centre. The so-called “pearl on the Váh River” definitely paved the path for other cities that offer geographically distant talents of the IT world.

One of the most important added values of CodeCon was networking.

CodeCon Is Traditionally Decorated with Blue

Many of those who came to taste vegan chocolates and Krówki melting on the tongue knew us Titans in sky blue color quite well. They exchanged experiences with our recruiters, registered in our database of future superheroes, and then their eyes fell on the high table – and sparks of excitement lit up in their eyes. 

The majestic Lego in the form of the Batmobile attracted a large number of IT specialists, who were determined to compete in a competition called Code Hunting. They had to solve three rounds of various challenges, which made them sweat, all under the strict evaluation of a timekeeper. The best persevered and in the afternoon the winner proudly took home the golden fleece in a slightly more modern form!

We consoled the losers at least with comic strips about the adventures they too may one day experience and stickers of our iconic titans. Until they join us, they’ll be reminded that their desire for freedom, world-class projects, and above-standard financial compensation can be fulfilled. More importantly, they can be part of a community of other geeks with brilliant skills, a passion for self-development, and a dream of their adventure without limits. 

If we also speak your language, we would be happy to hear from you so we can explain how we can work together. And maybe we’ll share a word or two about CodeCon and your thoughts! There is a selection of top IT projects from Slovakia and abroad and from a wide variety of industries waiting for you, as well as reviews of the freelancers we’ve hired so far.

The majestic Lego in the form of the Batmobile attracted a large number of IT specialists, who were determined to compete in a competition called Code Hunting.

Last but not least, thank you for letting us be with you at CodeCon and meet the next generation of IT enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing more of the new faces and our favorite ones in a few months!

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