If You've Been Looking for an IT Specialist For a Long Time, You Could Miss the Project Deadline. A Freelancer Will Save You

If You've Been Looking for an IT Specialist For a Long Time, You Could Miss the Project Deadline. A Freelancer Will Save You

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By hiring IT freelancers, companies can supplement their capacities or create temporary project teams. The growing demand for outsourcing specialists is confirmed by our experience. In 10 years, we have filled more than 2,400 positions for over 300 clients with Titans from our Slovak ranks.

Even Batman Is Being Called in for One-off Help

Today, successful companies don’t need large IT departments. Instead, they find it more effective to hire a dynamic team. They hire experts only for the period when they need them business-wise and decide whether to keep them to maintain and develop a solution or disband the team when the project is completed. 

This approach reduces labour costs because the company does not reimburse freelancers for training, work equipment, social and health insurance, vacation time or other expenses (travel, meals, etc.). Hiring IT specialists is billed as a service, so clients only pay for actual deliverables on an hourly basis. 

At the same time, many brands do not find it worthwhile to build dedicated recruitment departments. In most small and medium-sized companies, recruiters fill all open positions, they do not focus on IT. If suddenly a project comes up that requires one or more IT specialists, they prefer to reach out to an outsourcing partner like us.

Number of TITANS freelancers in IT projects from 2013 to 2022
Number of TITANS freelancers in IT projects from 2013 to 2022

Java Programmer within 10 Days

Outsourcing brings companies new opportunities and flexibility in managing teams. They can easily expand their workforce with experienced specialists and at the same time, they can very quickly release these capacities from the team. This minimises downtime between and after the completion of individual projects.

An example is one of our clients whom we helped to add four senior Java programmers and two ICT analysts to their team. The standard recruitment process for such staff takes six to eight months. We were able to do this within ten days of the request. For a project with a handover date of, say, six months, this can mean all or nothing.

Filling positions in the government sector is a separate chapter. In this case, we put together two teams consisting of five .NET specialists and one analytics team. Thanks to good communication and a dedicated approach, we managed to do this in record time within a month.

Clients can now focus on business and not be burdened with a long selection process. That is why we are their partner from the moment they start to develop their first thoughts about the type of people suitable for a given project or contract. After a careful selection and pre-selection of suitable candidates, the terms and conditions are agreed and the contract is signed.

Why We Are the Best in Slovakia

Our mission doesn’t end with allocation. We continuously supervise the smooth cooperation between the company and the freelancer, and in case of dissatisfaction with the performance or quality of the selected IT specialist, we will find a suitable replacement for him.

In addition, our colleagues are in regular contact with all the onboarded Titans. They build long-term relationships with them and motivate them to perform at their best with their system of benefits, also based on customer satisfaction ratings.

However, not all freelancers are the same. It is important to emphasise that outsourcing companies provide a high guarantee of the quality of services delivered and less risk than hiring freelancers directly. In terms of security and reliability, they represent stability, which is essential for key projects, as well as the possibility of long-term cooperation. 

These factors have also contributed to our position as the leader in outsourcing of IT specialists in the Slovak market. In addition, in 2021 we expanded our territorial presence to the Czech Republic to become a strong multinational player in Central Europe. We are proud that as a result of our merger with our Czech colleagues, we have 72 in-house employees wearing our blue color, 27,607 freelancers in our database, and 628 satisfied clients.

If you've been looking for an IT specialist for a long time, you will miss the project. A freelancer will save you.
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Know-how Stays with the IT Brand

Some companies are concerned about losing control of their business or disclosing sensitive data and information. However, comparable risks exist even when IT services are provided by internal employees. The solution is to choose a reliable supplier. 

Of course, working with us is a guarantee of intellectual property protection. Every specialist who comes into contact with important data has a confidentiality agreement (NDA) with the client. 

We have good advice for companies worried about losing professionals and their know-how after the project is completed. We recommend that know-how is thoroughly handed over and project documentation is prepared before the cooperation is completed. The specifics of the solution being developed and all the necessary information will thus remain in the company.

However, we openly say that we do not recommend outsourcing all IT functions. Roles that have a big impact on the co-creation and co-definition of the company’s strategy (e.g. functions responsible for the use of IT budgets) are better filled by in-house specialists.

IT Companies Have Left Their Comfort Zone

The current situation in the labour market no longer gives brands much choice. Even those who were convinced that the only way to expand project capacity was through internal employees are changing their minds. Today, a significant part of their team is supplemented by freelancers.

The perspective of companies on cooperation with IT experts has also evolved. Not long ago, specialists were required to work on a project exclusively on-site. Freelancers, however, are increasingly looking for remote projects

The mismatch between supply and demand has been solved by the pandemic and the forced home office. Companies recognised the benefits of full or partial remote collaborations. They have found that they can execute projects fully, even more efficiently, this way.

We have seen the trends change in our Titan base as well. In 2020, 75% of our projects required on-site freelancers, while last year, only 3% of clients requested on-site work. Collaboration in full or partially remote settings was permitted in 391 projects.

Comparison of on-site, remote, and combined IT collaborations of TITANS freelancers over the last 5 years
Comparison of on-site, remote, and combined IT collaborations of TITANS freelancers
over the last 5 years

If you are considering outsourcing experienced IT specialists, we are happy to answer your questions and support your Olympus ascent!

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