6 changes brought by 2023

6 changes brought by 2023

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IT professionals’ time is precious, so we’ve picked out 6 key patterns that shaped our brand last year. We hope they will be an inspiration, but also give you a direct insight into the inner workings of TITANS so you can see if we’re the right partner for you. But actions speak louder than words so what were we up to in 2023?

1. First time as a duo

What is it like to work in an international company? Well, everything is better when you have company! We get to know more freelancers, get them more high-profile projects, and benefit from two energetic teams with different cultures. After last year, we can see that expanding TITANS to the Czech market was a brilliant decision that we plan to repeat in other countries. The daily cooperation with our colleagues in Prague helps us grow not only business-wise but also internally. The elegance with which the titanic helmet fitted the original BRIDGEWATER proves that we are truly not born as Titans. We become Titans.

In addition to courage, perseverance, and innovation, we have been united by common goals, challenges, and fun memories since the acquisition. These include the first edition of the TITANS GAMES. Our April teambuilding in high style featured a variety of sports and strategic activities inspired by ancient mythology.

2. We gained C-level support

As we’ve expanded our territory, we’ve also increased the demands on the quality of the results we want to deliver. That’s why 11 new internal hires have been wearing the titanic armour in the Slovak unit since last year. In addition to C-level management, the Bratislava base also reinforced its sales, recruiting, IT, and marketing departments. We embarked on a fierce quest that tested our abilities and cooperation, and although last year was one of the toughest for us, we managed to meet our goals! The proof was our nomination for the FéliX Business Award in the Excellent Business Story category. Although we didn’t take the award to the office, we are honoured to have won the public vote.

3. TITANS was not only a brand but also an IT community

At TITANS, we believe that building a community of IT people who share similar interests and ambitions is one of the best ways to create a sense of belonging. This year, we witnessed this again at our beloved CodeCon. More than 1,000 developers met in Bratislava and in November we were at the birth of its twin in Žilina, which was visited by IT specialists from all over Slovakia. Our top representatives also made their way to Israel, where The Technology Talent Hub Event took place, and we couldn’t miss GLOBSEC, WEBSUMMIT, the SANAE tester conference, and a panel discussion at the AI in Business conference. 

We also further developed our titanic base by doing things together. And what connects a team more than sports? Our team fought to win the ICTFC 2023 futsal tournament, and we also participated in the ČSOB marathon. Together, we celebrated a majestic milestone – the company’s 10th anniversary – as befits Titans. And when the first snowflakes covered Bratislava, we swapped boring outfits for original costumes of movie heroes and heroines at the Christmas party. Only at our party could Ariel dance with Maverick, Barbie, or Forrest Gump.

IT outsourcing partner, TITANS, held the Christmas party in an original style - the employees wore the costumes of movie heroes and heroines.

4. We have added new educational activities

Building a community is also about providing peer support. We recognise that there is pressure on IT people to continuously learn, push themselves despite increased competition, and steer away from burnout. This makes the need for guidance and support for newcomers even more urgent. At TITANS, the topic of education has always been close to our hearts, so last year we expanded our cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEI) of STU in Bratislava. In addition to lectures, future IT professionals could also get to know us better at the Business Breakfast with TITANS and the FEI Job Fair.

We also have fond memories of the Sparx event, where students at C. S. Lewis Bilingual High School presented their own projects. And since we can’t count on a bright future without mental health and inclusivity for the very young, we once again supported the Emotional Compass education programme. We also perceived the huge gap in the representation of women and men in the IT industry, which is why we stood up for the removal of barriers at the prestigious Slovak Women in Tech event.

5. January was the busiest

Turmoil in world markets due to the war in Ukraine, higher interest rates and inflation, mass layoffs, and decreased market valuations in the US: all of these factors also impacted our region and caused some companies to prefer to fill their IT positions internally until around the first half of 2023. However, it became difficult for them to find high-quality specialists later on. And even though the market recovery was very slow, the better the economy got, the more the demand for IT experts increased. JAVA programmers were the most wanted in the Slovak market, followed by JavaScript programmers, project managers, and manual testers.

The parliamentary elections, which brought concerns about the international political direction of our country, also fundamentally affected the economic situation. Nevertheless, we started cooperation with 29 new clients who needed high-quality reinforcements for their IT projects. The recruiting team reached out to over 14,000 candidates and the freelancer database grew by 1,682 Titans. Our salespeople sent approximately 1,500 of them to clients and conducted 663 interviews. And although starting new IT projects was significantly more difficult, the average length of an allocation rose to 7.58 months, with the most positions filled in January. We successfully allocated 139 freelancers.

6. Our IT Titans have helped clients get a head start

Interestingly, we found that our clients are usually companies that, unlike many of their competitors, have chosen to take a more effective approach to a problem that, while not new, has grown rapidly in the wake of the pandemic. We’re talking about technology debt, i.e. the freeze on innovation imposed on IT departments by company management. As the market moves forward rapidly, the postponement of digital projects is hampering companies’ performance and increasing their costs. According to a report by OutSystems, large companies spend about 40% of their budgets to repay their technology debt. Ignoring the debt only makes things worse – their competitiveness and ability to act flexibly decreases.

A survey by Software AG found that only 58% of brands have a formal strategy for dealing with technology debt. Such companies gain significant advantages over others by implementing innovations, and we are pleased to continue to help them do so by supplying experienced IT specialists.

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